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Feel confident your tyres are in good condition with a FREE tyre check.

Tyre checks don’t take long to carry out and help to make sure that you’re travelling safely.

With over 20 years’ experience, our mechanics look for common signs of wear and tear as well as faults that may go unnoticed.

Common tyre issues

1. General wear and tear

Tyres will wear down over time. If you are likely to cover a lot of miles in your vehicle then you may need to check them more often as they may wear down quicker. To check if your vehicle meets the legally required tread depth of 1.6mm, tyres have a wear indicator in the radial groove on the tread which is usually at 2mm. This is the recommended time to have your tyres replaced. In wintery/wet conditions, we recommend to renew at 2.5/3mm.

2. Misalignment

You might notice that one side of your tyre is more worn than the other. This can be the result of hitting a kerb and may need a replacement tyre or wheel alignment.

3. Over or under Inflation

Too much or too little air in your tyres can be dangerous. Check your tyre pressure regularly at a petrol station or with a portable device to ensure your tyres meet recommended pressures.

4. Cracking or punctures

There are all sorts of debris on the road, and often you can’t see what you’re driving over. Cuts on the tyres or punctures can be caused by driving over something as small as a nail or a larger unavoidable obstacle. If your tyres are cracking, then it means they are old/perished and may require renewing

Available options

To give you a range of price options, we offer tyres from all major manufacturers from low cost through to premium tyres. Just let us know if theres a specific brand you’d like to use and we can see if we can obtain these and fit them to your vehicle.  

You can be prepared for winter by replacing your regular tyres to winter tyres.  Our mechanics can run through the different options and advise the best choice for you.

We have many tyre options available - speak to a member of the team today

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