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Payment Assist now available at Cadnam Garage

Helping you stay safe and on the road in difficult times with Payment Assist

Along with your mobile phone, your car is probably one of the things you rely on the most. From the school run to the work commute, the grocery shopping to fun days out, almost everything would be more difficult if your car was unexpectedly off the road.

Yet many people don’t give their car’s general maintenance a second thought – apart from responding when the fuel light comes on.

Which is why, when your car breaks down or is in need of repair following a service or MOT, it’s likely that your first thought will be “How much is this going to cost?”

Helping you cope with the unexpected

You may budget for your road tax, motor insurance and service and/or MOT bills, but what about the unexpected bills when something goes wrong?

We recognise that facing unexpected bills is stressful. You rely on your car to get to work or attend interviews, or to take care of your family, and having it off the road while you save for repairs is a real inconvenience.

When faced with the prospect of an unexpected bill for car repairs, it might be tempting to look for the cheapest solution. Perhaps a garage that offers a ‘discount for cash’ or somewhere that doesn’t have the credentials of garages like Cadnam Garage.

Sadly, this can all too often be a costly mistake. In seeking to save money now, you may end up choosing a garage that thinks nothing of fitting counterfeit parts or allowing an unqualified person to work on your car. Not only do you risk your car being left in a dangerous condition, but you’re also unlikely to receive a 12 month or 12,000 miles warranty on the parts and guarantee on the labour!

We don’t want you to be in that position which is why it made sense to become a member of Payment Assist. Payment Assist enables us to offer an interest-free finance solution that spreads the cost of your vehicle repairs.

What is Payment Assist?

Payment Assist is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority to provide flexible, interest-free finance that spreads the cost of your vehicle repairs.

By becoming a member of the scheme, Cadnam Garage can now offer flexible payment plans of up to 4 months.

This means you can get back on the road more quickly, without the cost or inconvenience of paying by credit card and without compromising on quality or service.

Who can use Payment Assist?

Payment Assist is available to anyone subject to meeting the lending criteria set out below.

1.For repair bills up to £1,000, you will have to undertake a soft credit check to confirm that you are resident at the address you have provided.

2.For repair bills from £1,001 to £3,000, a full credit check is required.

3.For repair bills of £3,001 or more, you will be required to complete an affordability assessment in addition to the full credit check.

Once your application has been processed and approved, your bill will be spread over four equal monthly instalments.

Could Payment Assist help you?

At Cadnam Garage, we are committed to helping you stay on the road safely. We understand how important your car is and everything we do is designed to ensure having your vehicle repaired causes you as little inconvenience as possible.

To that end, adding Payment Assist to our existing customer service offerings including courtesy cars, convenient appointments and flexible drop-offs and collection times, means there are more ways we can help you.

To find out more about using Payment Assist to help with your vehicle repairs, phone 02380 812159 or speak to a member of our team who will be happy to answer your questions.

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