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Engine Diagnostics

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Your vehicle's engine is a complex system that requires an occasional check.

Have peace of mind that your vehicle is running smoothly with a short engine diagnostic check carried out in our workshop.

The test looks for performance issues with parts such as the transmission, engine, throttle, oil and fuel tanks by comparing readings from numerous sensors that are fitted to your vehicle.

It is carried out using specialist equipment to identify the faults. Following this, a mechanic will assess issues found and discuss next steps with you.

Do I need an engine diagnostics test?

If your engine warning light, or any other warning lights appear on your dashboard, we recommend you call the garage and book a diagnostic check. Alternatively, if your engine is making any strange noises or feels any different to normal, call us as soon as possible.

The majority of issues can be resolved quickly and it’s unlikely you’ll need a full engine replacement. Being vigilant about engine related faults helps to avoid serious and costly problems in the long-run.

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