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Brakes are one of your vehicles most important safety features. Regular safety checks are vital.

If you are worried that your brakes may not be functioning, book an appointment for your vehicle to be looked at by our specialist team. Our brake inspection includes a thorough assessment of the condition of your vehicles brakes. If repairs are needed, our team source them from top quality suppliers. Our use of high-quality products is something Cadnam Garage customers tell us they value most, see our latest reviews here.

How long does a brake inspection take?

A brake check typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes. Book a ’while you wait’ appointment and enjoy a cup of tea at Dobbies Garden Centre while you pass the time. Alternatively leave your vehicle for the day if that’s more convenient. Once the inspection is completed, one of our mechanics will explain any issues and our recommendations to resolve them.

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Brake checks as part of your annual service

Your brakes and brake fluid levels are checked as part of your vehicle’s  annual service, though we also advise you to bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection if you notice anything unusual between services.

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Warning signs there may be a fault with your brakes

Here are five warnings to look out for when it comes to your brakes:

1. Spongy feel

If your brakes feel soft or the pedal goes to the floor very quickly, it could mean your vehicle has air in its brake lines, in the brake fluid, or something more sinister. If this is the case, we advise booking an appointment to have the brakes inspected.

2. Burning smell

A burning smell can indicate overheated brakes. If you notice this, call the garage on 023 8081 2159 for advice as soon as possible.

3. Squeaking or grinding noises

Unusual brake noises can mean your brake pads need changing. Often a squeaking or grinding noise is caused by overworn brake pads dragging together. You should bring your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as possible.

4. Vibrating brake pedal

A vibrating brake pedal can occur if the brakes discs/drums are warped, if the ABS system is overactive or if your vehicle's wheel alignment needs attention. One of our technicians can advise the best solution if this is the case.

5. Vehicle pulling to one side when braking

This can be due to a sticking caliper or worn suspension and will require inspection and repair by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

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